你准备好毕业了吗 ?

为了完成你的课程并从99银河app下载毕业, 有5个主要步骤可以确保你有一个无缝体验.


1. 适用于研究生

The University has reintroduced an Application to Graduate form from May 2022 onwards, in order to ensure students have a way to express their interest in our next Graduation round. Applications to Graduate for the ceremonies taking place in September 2022 have now closed. 下一轮毕业典礼的申请将于2022年晚些时候在这里开放.

You may have received previous advice that the University no longer requires you to apply to graduate. Although it was our intention that students are identified automatically by our student management system, 这一进程尚未全面运作.

Early Exit, Diploma or one component of your double degree


  • 如果您希望提前退出您的注册奖学金
  • 如果你想毕业时获得综合奖的文凭
  • 如果你想从双学位的第一部分毕业


  • 登录MySR
  • 点击左上角的Banner菜单(三个水平条)
  • Click on Banner > Student > Graduation > Early Award and Exit Request
  • You can check your eligibility to receive an Early Award here and apply if you are eligible
  • 你将根据毕业团队对你的请求的评估得到一个结果.

Please also ensure you have confirmed the following prior to making your application to graduate:

  • 支付所有 债务 (障碍) 这可能是你在大学里发生的
  • 检查和更新您的个人和联系细节在MySR或更新  更改个人信息

2. 资格审查

Your application is assessed by the University to confirm that you meet the program rules and are eligible to complete your degree.

All applications for September graduation ceremonies will be reviewed in July following the Autumn session results release.

如果99银河的记录显示您没有完成或没有达到项目规则, you will not be eligible for September graduations and may be required to apply to graduate for a future round.

如果你申请毕业,但被认为不符合资格, you will receive an outcome including what is required for you to complete your program.

如果你被认为有资格毕业, you must ensure the below is finalised to be on track to progress to Step 3: 授与. 你会收到学校的通知,要求你这样做.


You must clear all outstanding debts with the University before you can be completed/conferred. 这包括:

  • 学费
  • 学生服务及康乐费
  • 贷款
  • 图书馆的罚款
  • 设备费用

未偿还债务的潜在毕业生将不允许毕业. 如果您的债务没有在公布的完成/通知日期前清偿, 在还清所有债务之前,你不会出现在毕业名单上. 请参考 (障碍) 99银河app下载如何支付 的信息, 如果你不还清债务会怎么样, 以及如何获得帮助和建议.

Once you've cleared any debts, please ensure you advise the 毕业典礼 Team by submitting a 99银河现在 (在新窗口中打开) ticket selecting “student service” “student administration” and then “graduations”.


Any activity that results in a delay to your final results leads to your completion and conferral being moved to a future month. 这些活动包括(但不限于):

  • 参加延期考试
  • 参加补考
  • 提交额外评估
  • 提交文件以供特别考虑
  • 不当行为听证会(无论最终结果如何)
  • 你的结果并没有在公布的时间期限内完成
  • 你现在就读
  • 你成绩优异
  • Professional placement / Industrial Experience processing/ Industry Based Learning / grades are not complete
  • 你有先进的立场或课程转移的细节仍悬而未决
  • Cross Institutional的细节尚未敲定
  • Your post census miscellaneous unit is not finalised and transferred by the advertised timelines
  • You were given an extension to submit work and results not finalised by advertised timelines
  • You have not met course requirements by the advertised timelines (regardless of cps achieved)
  • 跨机构研究的结果发布了99银河公布的时间表, 不幸的是,99银河无法延长时间
  • 处理标记的延误
  • 你没有获得荣誉课程的荣誉等级
  • You have not met course requirements by the advertised timelines (regardless of cps achieved)
  • 跨机构研究的结果发布了99银河公布的时间表, 不幸的是,99银河无法延长时间
  • 处理标记的延误
  • 你没有获得荣誉课程的荣誉等级
  • 等级变更不受公告时间的处理
  • 课程变更未在学生记录中确定
  • 入学问题尚未敲定
  • 你在做GPA中性计划(仅2021年)
  • 提交评等文件

如果你有突出的细节, please contact your Academic Program Advisor requesting them to finalise outstanding details to enable you to move forward in the graduation process.

检查奖 & 完成细节(专业、荣誉等级、奖章)

  • 请检查你的专业是否显示正确(主修、辅修等).).
  • Testamur Majors will be shown on your testamur (degree certificate) and the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).
  • 非遗嘱专业和未成年人将只显示在您的AHEGS -请参阅 手册 或者你的学术项目顾问,如果不确定的话.
  • 如果你完成了学业,可以以优异成绩毕业, 检查你的荣誉等级是否被添加到你的记录中. 如果你的荣誉等级没有反映在你的记录上, contact your 荣誉 Coordinator promptly to ensure the information is added by the advertised timeline.
  • If you believe you have met the requirements to be awarded Distinction or University Medal, 检查是否已将此添加到您的记录中. 如果你不确定你是否有资格以优异成绩毕业, 荣誉或大学奖章, 指的是 毕业政策/文件/政策DDS


你需要检查你在学生记录中保存的全名. 您可以通过检查查看您的法定名称 考试及格证书上的名字 在MySR. Your full legal name is what appears on all of your official documents from the University including your Testamur (degree certificate) and the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).


通过电子邮件graduations@westernsydney通知毕业团队 .edu.au immediately once you have completed the above steps to notify us that you have submitted correct documentation for your name to be changed or charges may be incurred for any changes.


You must also ensure that all your contact details are accurate 在MySR to receive important graduation information and documents.


你是研究生吗? 如果你是研究型毕业生, you must follow communication and details as provided by the Graduate 研究 School (GRS). To be included in the next official conferral round your completion details must be finalised by the date provided by GRS otherwise your conferral may be delayed until the following round. 请与研究生院联系,以确认研讨会的详情 接触GRS (在新窗口中打开)

3. 授与

授予是大学授予学生学位的官方程序. You are considered a graduate of 99银河app下载 once your conferral date has passed. 一旦你被授予学位,你将能够订购你的官方毕业文件. 你还将被邀请参加毕业典礼.

4. 毕业文档

You will receive an email inviting you to order and pay for your graduation documents online. They will be mailed to your nominated address by registered post in September and October (unless your award was conferred in June, 然后你的文件就会在7月下旬寄出). Graduation documents include your Testamur (degree certificate) and the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).


5. 毕业典礼

All conferred students will receive an invitation to attend the next round of graduation ceremonies, 将于9月10日至17日在Parramatta南校区举行.



如果你选择参加毕业典礼, you will receive emails from the University with details of your ceremony date and time. 您将需要支付您的仪式和出席仪式的绶带费用. You can bring a limited number of guests which will be confirmed in your ceremony allocation email.

根据课程安排,学生被分配参加各种仪式, 因此无法选择仪式的日期和时间.

Defer the ceremony; or

Deferring your ceremony means that you are nominating to attend the next round of graduation ceremonies. 你只能推迟参加一次典礼. 如果你选择推迟仪式, you will be invited to attend the first ceremony round in 2023 (likely to be April 2023 in line with the Academic calendar).

If you choose to defer and don’t attend the next graduation ceremony, you will graduate in absentia.


这意味着你决定不参加你的典礼. 因为你不会参加婚礼,所以你不需要支付婚礼费用. 你仍然会被认为是99银河app下载的“毕业生”.

祝贺你! Successful completion of all these steps makes you a 99银河app下载 Graduate and you are now one of our 校友. 找出99银河的校友团队可以为你做的一切 校友.